Chase Rice Invites Fan On Stage For Performance Of “Country Roads,” Calls It “The Worst Rendition I’ve Ever Heard In My Life”

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Gotta admire her confidence…or maybe it was just some (a lot of) liquid courage.

It’s always risky when artists invite fans on stage and give them a microphone. You never know what’s going to happen, how they’re going to sound, or what they’re going to say.

Sometimes it works out, like the time Keith Urban invited a fan to play guitar with him during a show and the dude absolutely killed it (and ended up landing a gig playing in Riley Green’s band).

And sometimes? Well, you get this.

During a concert in Morgantown, West Virginia this past weekend, Chase Rice decided to play to the hometown crowd and broke out a version of “Country Roads.”

Ok, cool, pretty much everybody does it when they’re in West Virginia.

But where Chase went wrong was asking for a volunteer from the crowd to join him for the second verse.

You know how you walk into a karaoke bar and there are those people who can’t sing a lick, but have all the confidence in the world and give the performance of a lifetime?

Yeah, that was this girl.

She couldn’t wait to get the microphone in her hands, taking it from Chase after he put it on the mic stand. And from there, she proceeded to deliver what he called “the worst rendition of ‘Country Roads’ I’ve ever heard in my life.'”

Once she started singing, Chase glanced off to the side of the stage, making a face that clearly shows he knew he screwed up. But it was too late: She was in her element, and was determined to give the people a show.

Not only did she screech like a banshee throughout the whole performance, she also apparently lied about knowing the words to the iconic song, and I’m pretty sure at one point she said “my vagina” instead of “West Virginia.”

She ended it by screaming “See You Next Tuesday Country Roads,” another apparent reference to a slang term for…well, if you don’t know, just Google it.

I mean, at least she put on a show. And what she lacks in vocal ability, she makes up for in confidence.

@sagedoorkicker The look #chaserice gave us when she began #singing made me laugh almost as hard as her bad singing. #countryroads #wv #wvu ♬ original sound – SaGe

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