Tiny Terrier Gets Chased Through Connecticut Backyard By Black Bear

Dog runs from bear

Sometimes the bark can be worse than the bite.

Luckily, this 8-year-old terrier named Dixie knew when to stop, even though it did its best to fend off the intruding black bear from trespassing on its property.

Dogs are very territorial of their yards, as dog owners all know by the excessive “marking of territory.” This little terrier was just doing what a guard dog is supposed to do when a strange being tries to come its way. However, I think there might be a clause in the “Guard Dog Handbook” that says if a massive black bear wanders up, it’s best to get the hell out of dodge.

That is exactly what Dixie did. Though it originally ran towards the woods line in the back of the yard barking, the terrier soon found itself in full retreat mode. After a good 10 to 15 seconds of barking, the black bear had enough with the “yappy dog” (we’ve all been there) and took off running after it.

Dixie the terrier continued to let the high pitch barks fly, but did so as it ran back to the safety of the porch rather than trying to stand its ground. The small dog makes its way up the stairs of the porch, and once it sees that the bear is still down in the backyard, the barks get a little bit tougher and a little bit louder.

I’d like to think the terrier was saying:

“Yeah that’s right, you don’t want to try me.”

Whatever it said, the bear didn’t particularly care for it, and then went sprinting up to the porch. It appears to be standing on its back legs looking up at the elevated wooden surface where the dog is seeking shelter. The terrier’s barks increase in volume and start rattling off like a machine gun, and all of the sudden the bear gets back down and begins to back up.

Now it actually does that because it sounds like the owner comes out from the house to see what all the commotion was about, but I’m sure Dixie’s relentless barking helped too. It sounds like the dog and its owner return safely back inside, while the bear continues to hang out in the backyard.

Shoutout to Dixie for a being tough as nails and standing face to face with one of the world’s apex predators.

The shocking security came footage can be seen below:

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