Two Monster Alaskan Grizzlies Go Head-To-Head In Insane 6-Minute Fight

Bears fighting

The stamina on these two.

Talk about two absolute killer animals…

That is a battle if I have ever seen one. These fellas went to town on each other. And these are some of the strongest most abled animals in North America.

Alaska is home to one of the largest grizzly populations in the world with 30,000 in the state. Grizzly bears in Alaska are known for their massive size. This is the area where the species grows the largest with males being weighed well over 1000 pounds.

They have huge and sharp teeth paired with incredibly strong jaws that can pierce flesh and crush the bones of all its prey. If a bite that has been measured at 1200 pounds per square inch isn’t enough, they have claws that can grow up to 4 inches and rip through anything they touch.

Grizzly bears are extremely territorial and use their size to protect their area. When it’s time to mate, males will battle it out to see who gets the rights to an area and the females.

These two grizzlies are seen approaching one and other starting to engage in a territory battle. They walk towards each other with their heads down, when they meet they stand up tall and hit at each other as they growl, bite and push.

One bear gets the upper hand and gets the back of the other, biting it and taking him to the ground. The bear fights back and gets to its feet as they stand up tall again.

The fight just keeps going until one gets the other pinned to the ground and keeps him there telling the other that he is the champion.

Watching these amazing grizzly bears in action in such a up close video is nothing short of spectacular.

These are massive creatures that have insane strength and intelligence. And this fight is a doozy, just going on and on.

It doesn’t get any more wild than this.

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