Boaters Encounter Moose That Appears To Have Got Stuck & Drowned In River


Whenever you’re on the lake or on the river, you never really know what’s underneath you.

Hell, if you go to a man-made lake there could be a whole flooded town several feet beneath you, and you’d have no idea.

Of course, the water’s so brown and nasty at my home lake that I can’t see anything an inch below the surface, but it’s still a pretty wild thought.

With that being said, these lucky people witnessed something on the river that they’ll more than likely never see again…

And that’s a whole moose carcass that appears to have gotten trapped and drowned while crossing the river.

Moose are notorious for being one of the largest and strongest deer species with incredible stamina, and they’re actually great swimmers, but it appears that the current may have been too strong for this fully grown moose, and it ultimately met its fate.

The caption to the post explains:

“Moose are the world’s largest species of deer, known for their strength. But just like everything else on this planet, they don’t live forever. Seeing one that has died and is returning back to nature can be a powerful reminder of this.

Death is a tough thing to deal with, but it’s an integral part of being alive. It makes way for new life and helps things grow. This cycle, life to death to life again, happens to all living things, no matter how formidable.

Understanding this cycle is important. It’s a reminder that life is a special, finite thing. Coming face to face with this reality doesn’t have to be scary. Instead, it can make us appreciate life even more. We all get a limited amount of time here, let’s make the most of it.”


Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock