Trail Guide In South Africa Bitten & Dragged Underwater By Crocodile – And He Lived To Tell The Tale

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This dude has to be one of the toughest people on the planet. He went one-on-one with a crocodile and WON.

Mark Montgomery is the legendary man’s name, and his insane story of his near-death encounter with a crocodile is startling.

Montgomery acts as a specially skilled and incredibly intelligent dangerous animals guide as a part of the FGASA, or the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa. His experience, which dates back to when he started in the role in 1998, without a doubt helped save his life.

Montgomery had never had a close encounter with a crocodile when he set out to lead a group on the Kruger Trail in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The group had made a pit stop by the Metsi Metsi River, where Mark often times would stop to gather clean water. His first two hand scoops of water were relatively normal, but the third time he went back started his real life nightmare scenario.

Montgomery told the South Coast Herald:

“I looked and the crocodile’s head was dead still under the surface. There wasn’t even a ripple or anything. I think I pulled my hand back. If I hadn’t, it would have gotten my arm.

The part from seeing the head to realizing I’m in the water myself, is not even in my brain. It was that fast. It is literally, he grabs my hand and you hear the water.”

A member of the group attempted to go in after the trail guide, but the crocodile was acting fast and pulled Montgomery deeper into the water. Mark did his best to use his free hand to poke the eyes of the crocodile and pry his bitten right hand out of the teeth of the beast.

As the reptile continued to pull him under, Montgomery kicked with all of his might to get out of the croc’s grasp. The crocodile started to go into a death roll, and Mark smartly turned in the opposite direction and miraculously felt the crocodile start to let go of his hand.

Montgomery continued:

“At that moment I lurched to the surface. The bank was about 1.6m away. I lunged and lunged and grabbed the roots of a stunted jackal-berry on the other side.

In the meantime, I’m picturing this crocodile grabbing me from the back into the water. I lurched so strongly, I partially tore my right hamstring; the left one is bruised.”

After he reached the safety of the shore, he sought out shelter underneath some trees while members of the group attempted to help him and others called emergency services.

He was eventually transported to a nearby hospital, and after three surgeries on his hand, they believe that it has been saved and no infection has been present.

The brave trail guide then went on to say that this life threatening event won’t steer him away from his passion of being in nature as a trail guide. However, he did say that he’ll probably use a bucket and a rope to retrieve water from now on.

Mark Montgomery: Certified Bada**.

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