Black Jaguar Takes Out Giant Anaconda After Escaping Its Stranglehold In Vintage Video

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My goodness, talk about a clash of titans.

In America, we’ve got huge pythons and terrifying mountain lions, but neither of those hold a flame to their larger, stronger, and more deadly cousins, the anaconda and jaguar.

Both predators roam the jungles of South America and have been in a battle for supremacy for as long as history can remember.

Anacondas can grow to over 30 feet long and weight 550 pounds, while jaguars can reach over 6 feet in length and weigh nearly 350 pounds. While the snake has the size advantage, the jaguar has razor sharp teeth and claws and possesses the third strongest bite on the planet, trailing only lions and tigers.

So when these two clash, as rare as it may be, the results are spectacular, which we can see in this vintage video.

Right from the jump, the jaguar is on the offensive, chasing the snake through brush near the water while trying to sink its jaws into the body. It’s able to grab ahold of the tail and tries to pull it on shore, but the anaconda shakes itself loose and enters the water, where it probably thought it would be safe – or at least have the upper hand.

But jaguars are not afraid of getting wet and it followed the snake in, again trying to get a good bite in.

For a second, it appeared this was a fatal mistake, as the anaconda was able to wrap its powerful torso around the cat’s neck and began to squeeze. Fortunately for the jaguar, it was able to pop its head free, at which point the anaconda began to weaken considerably.

The cat grabbed the snake and pulled it to shore in an incredible display of raw power. From there, the anaconda tried to hide its head, but it was all over. The jaguar’s friend, who had just been watching this whole fight go down, jumped in and ended it with a bite through the brain.

Given the snake was more than likely over 300 pounds, there would be plenty of meat to share between the two apex predators.

For as brutal as the wildlife is here in America, it’s safe to say it can’t compete with most of the wildlife in the jungle.

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