Florida Man Wrestles Gigantic 16-Foot Python In The Everglades

Python wrangler

I’m not sure what kind of right minded person would wrestle a 16-foot python, but this guy seems to be pretty confident in what he is doing.

Trapper Mike (A.K.A. the Python Cowboy) is the owner of the Martin County Trapping & Wildlife Rescue Invasive/Dangerous Species, and also runs a very successful YouTube channel.

This particular video is titled “Will The Burmese Python Problem in the Florida Everglades Ever Be Resolved?” and though there is a long road ahead, it looks like the Python Cowboy is doing his best to solve the problem himself.

The python problem in the Florida Everglades is in fact harming the natural ecosystem. They are considered to be an invasive species because they compete with native animals for food (mainly mammals, birds, and reptiles).

A massive decline in the number of mammals in the Florida Everglades has been attributed to pythons being introduced to the environment.

Trapper Mike kicks off the 10 minute video of his night time python hunt by cruising the roadways of the Everglades. His truck is souped up with light bars and he uses a handheld spotlight to try to spot these nocturnal hunters slithering through the swamps.

The Python Cowboy has no fear when it comes to tracking down whatever snake he can get his hands on. He finds a good number of smaller snakes and pythons before landing the biggest catch of the night towards the end.

Trapper Mike apologizes for not having his shoulder-mounted camera when he starts to after the 16-foot female python (we all forgive you Trapper Mike). He states in the video that he could tell the colossal python was moving away quickly and he didn’t want to risk losing out on it entirely.

He grabs the tail of the snake and begins to pull it back, then falls backwards down onto the ground in a truly terrifying moment. Trapper Mike quickly recovers and continues to corral the hissing python.

Around the 7 minute and 40 second mark of the video, the Python Cowboy lives up to his nickname and shockingly (and casually) grabs the head of the angry snake. He let’s out a “hell yes” for good measure as he continues to wrestle the 16-footer.

As you might imagine, the python is not happy about being handled, but the python cowboy doesn’t care much about what the snake thinks. The python wrangler carries the python back up towards his truck to transport it (or kill it, not sure) out of the area.

In the final interview of the video, the Python Cowboy says:

“Really successful night, doesn’t get any better than this. Getting a big breeder female out of Everglades right during breeding and nesting season, in an area where we have a bunch of native wildlife we are trying to protect.”

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