Raving Rabbit In Iowa “Terrorizing” Neighborhood Residents, Bites Two People


Rabbits are generally considered to be prey for many animals in the wild, but this particular one became a predator in one unlucky Iowa neighborhood.

Luckily this rabbit has since been caught, though it still managed to go on a pretty impressive reign of terror in Perry, Iowa. The black bunny was reported to be patrolling the neighborhood and terrorizing those within the community, even making some residents scared to get out of their own cars.

Last Friday, two people even reported that they were bitten by the wild rodent. One of those people, Ramona Rustan, told KCCI:

“It just jumps up and bites me, and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, I just got bit by a bunny.’

Rustan then added that the rabbit ran over to her neighbors car and wouldn’t let her exit the vehicle:

“It came around to her car and wouldn’t let her out of her car, and when she did get out of her car, it chased her up to her door.”

Damn, what the hell was this rabbit upset about?

After the events, Rustan called the police to report the incident, and the station let her know that they were “aware” of the situation with the bunny and were actively working on tracking it down.

KCCI received a report that the other person who was bitten by the raving mad bunny was a 13-year-old. To be safe, the family of the young child decided to get a rabies shot.

As for Rustan, who is a registered nurse, she had this to say when the news asked if she too would get a shot:

“I am not worried about rabies, because when it bit me, I didn’t see it frothing at the mouth.”

Hey, if she’s a nurse, maybe she knows what she’s talking about.

Police eventually caught the “rabbit on the run” later in the week and released it far away from the community at the local wastewater treatment plan. The wild animal has not been seen in the neighborhood since (how funny would it have been if it did come back though).

Officials never tested the rabbit for rabies, so they are unsure if the animal had it or not. Apparently the animal disease is extremely rare in Iowa, with only 11 cases of rabid animals in 2022, all of which were bats.

The news report on the crazy rabbit encounter can be seen below, which includes a video that someone took within the community of the rabbit attacking them:

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