Colorado Fisherman Reels In Potential World Record Lake Trout

Lake trout
Scott Enloe

Now that is how you make some memories as a father and son.

A Colorado fisherman caught and released what could go down as the new world record lake trout. Scott Enloe was fishing with his son Hunter on May 5th when he reeled in a 73.29 pound trout (according to the handheld scale they had with them).

If that weight is true, it would be at least 20 pounds heavier than the state record that is held within Colorado and more than a pound heavier than the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) world record.

The Enloes took to Instagram to post pictures and videos of the catch they made on the Blue Mesa Reservoir, which measured 47 inches in length and had an unbelievable 37-inch girth.

Enloe told Outdoor Life:

“Some of the other photos, I hate to say it, but they almost look fake. I mean, my God, it looks so dumb.

A 37-inch girth, and I’m a 35-inch waist. It was just incredible. That fish doesn’t even look 47 inches long because it’s just so fat.”

Though they couldn’t keep the fish in their livewell due to its size, they are hoping that their world record can stand thanks to the thorough documentation of the catching and weighing process.

The Instagram post shows the father and son measuring the fish, weighing it, and then releasing it back into the water.

Because the pair of fishermen released the trout, having it declared as the IGFA all-tackle world record will be a little bit tricky. Since it couldn’t fit inside their boat, the Enloe’s only other option would’ve been to kill it, which Scott did not want to do:

“I never even considered killing the fish. This is (one of) the largest lake trout that’s ever been caught. Period.

And I could have made it easy to put in the (IGFA) book, but I would have had to kill it. And I was not going to kill that fish.”

Even now that the official world record could be in jeopardy, Enloe said that he if he had to do it all over again, he would do the same thing.

No world record can surpass the shared feeling of excitement between a father and son fishing. Scott Enloe is a hell of a fisherman, but based on his quotes, he’s an even better dad.

His son Hunter posted the pictures and videos on his Instagram page, which is linked below. The lengthy caption goes into the details of the massive lake trout catch and how thankful he is to have been with his dad when it happened.

The captions reads:

“My dad crushed some records yesterday. This fish was 23 pounds over the current state record and almost two pounds over the current world record for lake trout.

Dad and I have put in serious time to learn about these fish and how to catch them and most days they will outsmart you and that’s what keeps us addicted to them.

We released this old, big girl to be caught again when she’s even bigger. She swam off strong as we handled her properly getting weights and measurements and a few pictures.

Congrats to my dad on another catch and release record. It was a special day and we just sat on the boat for a few hours not fishing just taking in what happened. Another awesome memory with my dad.

Thanks to everyone who has already congratulated my dad and I on this fish! And enjoy some true rednecks freaking out in the videos.”

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