Larry Fleet Explains The Importance Of Spending Time In The Woods In New Single “Young Buck”

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Matt Paskert

When it comes to country artists who can move you by not only their lyrics, but just by their voice alone, Larry Fleet is in that group.

The Tennessee native has some of the best vocals in the game, and on top of that, he never fails to deliver an important message with each and every song he releases, giving us all a peace of mind, and that dates all the way back to 2020 when he dropped his smash hit single “Where I Find God.”

With that being said, Fleet is back at it again with his latest single “Young Buck,” which officially dropped today.

Fleet weighed in on the new release, and the purpose behind the song:

“I’ve been escaping into the great outdoors since I was waist-high, going out in the woods and learning what this life is about from my dad and my granddad.

They taught me about the importance of family, good friends, about how to appreciate quality time spent with the people you love, finding gratitude for the little things.

Now that I’ve got my own babies growing up faster than weeds, I can see the whole picture of what they were instilling in me. When I heard the demo for ‘Young Buck,’ I felt so connected to the story – it was mine to tell long before we ever got in the studio to cut it.”

Needless to say, Fleet hit the nail on the head with that statement.

The song is a conversation between Fleet’s father and his younger self, as he tries to engrain in his son’s mind the importance of taking advantage of the opportunity of going out into nature, and escaping from the world for a brief time.

Here’s a quick look at the chrous:

“He said son won’t ya slow it on down
Ya might not see it right now
But bein’ out here ain’t all about the years’ worth of deer that you hung up
The seasons get to goin’ too fast
So try to be where your boots are at
Just take it from me, you think you are, but you ain’t always gonna be
This young buck…”

Give it a listen:

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