Virginia Police Officer Narrowly Avoids Getting Crushed After Teen Loses Control Of Car Going 120MPH

Police crash

I think everybody can recall the day that you officially obtained your driver’s license as a teenager, and the excitement you felt from getting behind the wheel by yourself for the first time ever.

For many, it’s the first true feeling of independence.

However, a lot of us have been guilty of abusing that independence before, doing dumb sh*t behind the wheel like taking your vehicle off roading, and traveling well above the speed limit.

With that being said, this video is the perfect example of just how dangerous it can be when you’re a fresh faced teenage driver, and you ignore the traffic laws.

According to NBC 4 Washington, this heart pumping scene comes out of Fairfax County, Virginia, where you can see a police officer conducting a routine traffic stop at around 11:40 AM yesterday morning, as the officer is standing by a gray sedan on the right shoulder of the road.

You can see him talking to the driver through the passenger door window.

Then, all of a sudden you see a black sedan flying around a curve, spins out, and darts across the median and spins backward.

Luckily, the officer saw it in time, and began to run the opposite direction, and if he hadn’t seen it, there’s a good chance he could’ve died.

You can hear him say:

“My cruiser was hit, driver was hit, trying to check on injuries.”

The driver of the gray car was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, and the officer also suffered minor injuries as well.

The driver of the black BMW M3 was identified as a 17-year-old, who was going well over 120 mph.

Police Chief Kevin Davis said the driver, whose name was not released, was ticketed for reckless driving, a misdemeanor.

Davis said:

“It was going way too fast. It was a rocket and then it became a missile.”

Needless to say, I’m sure everybody involved in the situation was counting their blessings after nobody got seriously injured.

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