Watch Charles Wesley Godwin Play Amazing Acoustic Version Of “Seneca Creek”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

From Godwin’s debut album Seneca.

Like many other Charles Wesley Godwin fans, this album was integral to falling for Godwin’s sound and masterful songwriting.

“Seneca Creek” is one of my personal favorite songs from this album. He thoughtfully tells a story spanning nearly 50 years and the history behind this land.

The lyrics resemble Godwin’s simple life growing up in the Appalachian hills of West Virginia. The story follows a couple that falls in love, starts a family, deals with tragedy, lays more roots, and addresses loss… all on the banks of “Seneca Creek.”

This acoustic version Godwin laid down during a private show in Southeast Kentucky is beautifully intimate.

He is sitting on a front porch, lightly accompanying himself on guitar while letting the lyrics speak for themself.

Charles Wesley Godwin’s vocal ability shines during this performance. His twang, range, and annunciation make his sound authentically his, and blew me away during this performance… it’s pure raw talent.

Near the end of the song, as the times become hard during the story, the conviction he sings the words with gives me chills… especially the lines about loss.

“In ’94, when you got sick, we’d make up trips for the hell of itTake my hand, Ruth, my dearI’ll take you back to any yearAnd now you lie on the hill up highRight beneath the mountain skySeneca Creek sings belowAtop the tree sits a lonely crow…”

Ironically, Godwin started a family of his own around the time of this album’s release, and he shared his thoughts about the theme of mortality, love, and hope addressed throughout this discography.

“I started a family around the time Seneca came out.”

After my son was born, I remember sitting in the hospital, thinking about how that very experience would eventually become one of those life moments that flash before my eyes when I’m old.

I realized that time is passing, and my time will pass, too. Becoming a father made it all sink in.”

This album has aged perfectly over the last four years. As Godwin grows more and more into the limelight, you can always stroll back to this tracklist and be more than impressed with this debut.

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