Yellowstone Wolves Corner Lone Yearling Elk In Hayden Valley

Yellowstone wolves

Elk never have a chance…

With all of the nature and wildlife you can find at Yellowstone National Park, you’ll see some wild encounters every once in a while.

The footage shows a pack of wolves in Yellowstone’s Hayden Valley descending upon a lone elk yearling, looking to single out a weak link for dinner.

According to the description, this small group broke off from the larger pack, and it looks like they got the job done:

“While in Yellowstone National Park, we witnessed a small pack of wolves prey on a yearling elk that they had cornered into a river. These three wolves were from the Hayden Valley pack and I was told that they often go off to hunt in their smaller group.

After wearing out the yearling as it swam in the river, the grey female swam after the elk and scared it out onto land. Before the yearling even touched the shore, the other two wolves were already in pursuit.

We took pictures nearly the entire time, but as soon as the elk ran out of the water we caught the actual kill on video.”

Needless to say, the video shows just how dangerous a small pack of wolves can be.

The Hayden Valley is one of the most popular areas of the park to view wildlife, especially wolves.

Wildlife man, it can be brutal.

Driver Witnesses Wolf Pack Chasing Elk At Yellowstone

Another day, another awesome animal encounter at Yellowstone National Park.

You never know what you’re gonna see at Yellowstone, but if you spend enough time there, you’re bound to get a front row seat to nature at its cruelest.

Whether it’s a grizzly chasing down a bull elk, a wolf pack going toe to toe with a bear over a kill, or sometimes even a bison brawl bringing traffic to a complete stop.

This time, a driver stumbled upon members of the Wapiti Lake Wolf Pack, chasing down a cow elk in the Northern Range of the park.

And unfortunately for the elk, she wasn’t fast enough…

“The wapiti lake wolf pack is made up of 20 wolves. At last light I witnessed 7 wolves chase a cow elk across the road and eventually kill the elk 50 yards off the road.

This occurred in the northern range of Yellowstone National Park.”

I can honestly say the show Yellowstone has peaked my interest in the park, but when you actually dive into some of the incredible footage from parkgoers, you’re gonna wanna book you trip ASAP.

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