Baseball’s Stoner-Faced Cody Bellinger Hit A 420 Foot Home Run Yesterday… On 4/20

Cody Bellinger

Is it fair to call Chicago Cubs center fielder Cody Bellinger baseball’s “face of marijuana?”

Personally I think so, just solely based on Bellinger’s actual, in-game facial expressions since his MLB debut back in 2017.

The talented fielder out of Scottsdale, Arizona spent his first six years playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and is now embarking on his first season with the Cubs.

The two states he has played professional baseball in just so happen to be states where cannabis is legal, and if you don’t think he is partaking in the “devil’s lettuce,” maybe this GIF on Twitter can change your mind:

Yeah my sources (this above tweet) can confirm that Bellinger is a certified marijuana connoisseur.

Hell, even Jimmy Kimmel asked him why he looks high all the time following their World Series win a few years back:

With that in mind, yesterday (4/20) was a pretty big day for Bellinger and others who recognize the “National Holiday.” So much so that the now Cubs center fielder decided to ring in the day recognized for cannabis culture the best possible way he could.

How did he do so you may ask? Well, during his first at bat of the game against his former Dodgers team, Bellinger cracked a 420 foot home run in the bottom of the second inning.

Not 419 feet.

Not 421 feet.

A 420 foot home run on April 20th, better known as 4/20.

Now I will play somewhat of a devil’s advocate here…

Do we know for sure that the ball went exactly 420 feet?

With modern day tracking technology, we can get a pretty accurate measurement of home run balls, but I can easily see this one being somewhere in the 418 to 422 feet range and the stat person (just to be funny) saying it went 420 feet because of the holiday (and Bellinger’s stoner face).

And if they did that, I’m perfectly fine with it. Might as well have a little fun with the whole thing.

I mean, it got me to write this article right?

A 419 foot or 421 foot home run would’ve got lost in the shuffle, but this comedically coincidental 420 foot left-center-field bomb on 4/20 now gets its time in the limelight.

Talkin’ Baseball perfectly summarized the solo home run with this post:

And if that isn’t enough video evidence of Cody Bellinger being baseball’s “Prince of Pot,” I’m not sure what else I can present to win you over.

As an Atlanta Braves fan, I hated Bellinger on the Dodgers, but now that he’s on the Cubs, I don’t mind him at all. Especially if he’s hitting homers against his former team.

Funny how players simply wearing “different laundry” can do that to sports fans.

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