Yellowstone Wolf Takes A Big Lick Of Trail Camera Lens

Yellowstone wolf

Does anyone else love a good video of a wild animal interacting with a trail camera? Or is it just me?

I always take some time to watch these outdoor videos, and this one takes it a step further than usual. Not only does the camera get the attention of the lead wolf, but the camera also gets a little bit of a spit shine.

The video, which was shared by the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project on their Facebook page, shows a pack of wolves passing through a beaten path of snow. The leader of the pack takes a second to inspect the trail camera that is posted up in their path, and then that “second” turns into quite the thorough investigation.

The beautifully coated wolf stops in its tracks when it sees the camera and slowly approaches it. Once it gets its nose up against the recording trail cam, audio from the device picks up the wolf giving the camera the ole’ sniff down.

After a couple of big sniffs, the wolf licks the camera twice, with the latter of the licks landing right on the camera lens. Who says you need Windex, am I right?

Most of the frame of the footage is taken up by the lead wolf at first, but after the curious wild animal licks the camera, it turns its head and reveals the rest of the pack following closely along.

The second wolf that follows behind has a coat that resembles the leader of the group, while the third wolf looks closer to that of a husky.

The video provides a really unique look into the lives of the Yellowstone wolf pack (that sounds like a band from the ’70s, or an West Coast Motorcycle Group) and shows how beautiful the dog-like animals can be.

Even though they look cute, still don’t approach them and try to pet one like you would your neighborhood German Shepard. That will not go well, and I don’t want to have to write an article with the headline “Dumb Yellowstone Park Goer Approaches Pack Of Wolves.”

But it’s still spring… it’s only a matter of time…

Check it out:

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