Seal Brutally Slaps Kayaker Across The Face With An Octopus

Slap octopus

I know that is a lot to unpack in that headline, but stay with me.

I’ll try to lay it out as plainly as I can. The shocking video involves the following things:

-A kayaker

-A seal bursting out of the water

-An octopus being used as a weapon

From the looks of the video, it appears that the group of kayakers was aware that the seal was swimming around them. However, I don’t think any of them expected it to emerge from the water wielding a weapon.

And to their even bigger surprise, the weapon the seal was brandishing happened to be an octopus.

Take a look for yourself at this wild sea animal encounter:

It is shocking that a seal was smart enough to use it’s fellow ocean companion as a weapon, but it’s even crazier that they happened to get it on camera… shoutout to GoPro for the video quality.

Imagine trying to tell other people that not only did you get attacked by a seal, but the seal slapped you upside the head with an octopus? Now they have the video evidence to prove it.

Plus, that guy took that hit like a champ. If I were that kayaker, there is a good chance I’m knocked unconscious, and a great chance that I at least fall out of the side of my kayak. At the end of the video, it even looks like the guy was kind of psyched about the whole thing? What a weirdo…

Maybe he knew that the video would garner over 2,000,000 views on YouTube and it would be his claim to fame?

So let this be a lesson kayakers… keep that paddle up in the defensive position so you don’t have to take a octopus arm to the face, and stay a way from seals, because you never know what they might be capable of.

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