If You’re Searching For A First Dance Song, Look No Further Than Jake Worthington’s “I Ain’t Goin Anywhere”

Jake Worthington country music
Jim Wright

Keeping with our trend of praising the old-fashioned stylings of Jake Worthington, here we go again.

In addition to him releasing a top contender for Album of the Year in his impressive honky-tonkin’ debut, I also think Jake has snagged the top spot for first dance song of the year. So if you’re perusing years of country music hits for the right fit, then lean in.

Jake’s album is one of the best mixes I’ve heard in awhile – it’s got heaters, upbeat two-steppers and love songs, so it’s mastered the trifecta of country. And hidden among the thirteen tracks is an undoubtably beautiful love song in “I Ain’t Goin Anywhere.”

If you didn’t know, Jake recently got hitched himself back in November, and the love he shares with his new wife is palpable on his social media pages.

So it’s easy to assume that this co-written track was one that was inspired by Jake’s own personal life and new marriage.

The lyrics are a top-to-bottom profession of love, and the narrator cuts no corners in sharing all the little things about his partner that keep his world spinning.

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the love-doused lyrics:

“If you ever wonder what you mean to me,
You’re every place I’ve ever wanted to see,
It’s like I’ve been around the world and never left this town,
You’re more beautiful than any view I’ve found… 

Your kiss is like the breeze off the coast of Carolina,
If there’s a sweeter tast, girl, I don’t know where to find it,
Your touch is like the sun in somewhere Arizona, I swear,
Long as you’re layin’ right here,
I ain’t going anywhere…”

What’s unique about this track that makes it that perfect fit for a first dance isn’t just the easy-to-spot love-tinged lyrics, but the overall feeling of the music behind it.

Jake shared that he wanted the album to pay homage to the country music sound of our youth, so he spent years finding that right balance, and I would say he’s more than achieved his goal. The dobro, the steel, all add that traditional feel to this standout track.

When it comes to songs at wedding, I’ll always be a proponent of sentimental first dances that also aren’t completely heart wrenching; no bride wants to be crying her carefully applied mascara off during the first dance photos. So, it’s a task to find that perfect balance, and this one takes the cake for my favorite of the year so far…

The balance of the old school country sound in its purest form brings all the nostalgia of a good country song, while the personal and traditional love song lyrics find it right on par with wedding song material.

But don’t take my word for it, give it a listen…

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