Drunk Guy Has Bright Idea Of Absolutely LEVELING The Colorado Rockies’ Mascot

Rockies mascot

Many of us love going to sporting events, having a few beers and enjoying the game with no more than a solid buzz.

However, there are some fans who attend these games who simply don’t know when to stop, and next thing you know they’re about 20 beers deep, and ready to scale the foul pole.

Of course, sometimes this can lead to a hilarious, unforgettable moment in thanks to one’s drunken stupidity, but other times, it can be an absolute nuisance.

Just take this guy for example.

Back on Monday, the Colorado Rockies squared off against the St. Louis Cardinals.

At some point, the Rockies’ mascot, a purple dragon named Dinger, was standing in front of fans and trying to entertain them.

However, things took a turn when one drunk bozo had the bright idea of absolutely TRUCKING Dinger.

I mean seriously, this is about as textbook of a tackle as it gets, but unfortunately he was at a baseball game and not on a football field.

And on top of that, the crowd wasn’t amused by the guy’s antics either, as you can hear several people groan in the video.

Yeah… I think you had this moment drawn up a lot better in your head my guy. But 15 seconds of clout is still 15 seconds of clout I guess.

And for Dinger, somebody give my guy a damn raise.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock