Giants Linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux Buys His Mom A House In Heart-Melting Video

Kayvon T

You have to love it when professional athletes get to the point where they’re so financially stable, that they can help out their families.

With that being said, New York Giants linebacker Kayvon Thibodeaux recently did just that.

The former first round draft pick and Oregon Duck bought his mother a house, and it was shown in a video that’ll make the most uptight people cry like a baby.

He posted on Twitter:

“It started with a dream, turned into a goal. Love you mom, you deserve the world! Thank you Giants for believing in me!”

The video Kayvon takes you back to his childhood home in South Central, Los Angeles, where he lived with his mom, uncle and his cousins… 7 people in one apartment. When it was clear that Kayvon was a gifted athlete, he moved in with another family so he could attend Oaks Christen School in Westlake, a school known for its athletics.

So then, Kayvon takes his mom to their new house, and as the two walk into the house together, his mother immediately breaks out into tears.

Thibodeaux says in the video:

“I can’t really explain it, you know you do all this, you work so hard, you put everything on the line everyday just so your family can be happy. I was talking because you know, when I was in high school I had to live with another family, and after that I went to college, so for five years of my life I never had dinner with my mom.

We never sat at a table with my family, we never had a place for all the family to get together for Christmas and for holidays, so now just being able to provide that it’s a blessing. I guess I just want this video to be an inspiration.”

Classy move there, Thibodeaux.

Check it out:

Here’s the full video:

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