Stranded Giant Pacific Octopus Helped Back To Sea By 10-Year-Old Girl With A Bucket


Here’s a feel good story for you.

A beached giant Pacific octopus has a 10-year-old girl to thank for saving its life. The creature had washed ashore in Washington State, and needing to be submerged in water in order to breathe, was slowly suffocating.

The girl used a toy pail that she had to pour water onto the marine animal so it could breathe and continue to move towards the ocean. She continued to do so until wildlife officials were able to make it to the scene and help rescue the octopus and return it to the sea.

Goes to show you that not all people are bad people, and a great example of paying it forward and helping out the fellow life form on planet Earth.

Even though I’m slightly scared of octopuses and squids, I’m happy that the creature was able to make its way back into the ocean.

Now if you watched that video and said “wait, did this article writer say they were scared of octopuses,” please let me explain. If you watched the video and you yourself were a little creeped out watching the giant octopus slowly crawl across the rocks, stay with me.

Octopuses are straight-up weird. Here are some reasons why:

-They have the ability to camouflage and match the colors of their surroundings thanks to their color changing cells

-They have the largest brain-to body ratio of any invertebrate and are known to be incredibly intelligent

– They are all venomous

-They have blue blood

-They have three hearts

-They have neurons in their tentacles that basically allow the arms to act as “minds of their own”

-They don’t have any bones

Is that not scary to you? You must have not seen many sci-fi movies…

And speaking of sci-fi movies, there are some conspiracy theories that octopuses and squids are aliens, just casually living amongst us.

Now, I’m not spreading conspiracy theories by saying that. That is not my intention. But watch this video of an octopus opening a jar and tell me you wouldn’t believe that they might be from another planet:

By the way, apparently the name of that octopus is Egbert, which 1) I love and 2) I’m sure the octopus would be pissed to know that someone named it Egbert.

I guess I got a little carried away from the original title of the article, but it felt right to share a little bit about octopuses considering the situation. Like I said, it is a feel good story to see humans helping out sea creatures, and hopefully we can all learn a little something from that.

If you are still caught up on Octopuses being strange though (me too), let the classic voice of BBC’s David Attenborough describe a “land walking” octopus to you in this scene from BBC’s The Hunt:

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