Check Out The Crazy Rules At The Masters Tournament

The Masters
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The Masters Tournament now heads into its third and fourth rounds this weekend after dealing with weather delays and a scary incident involving some falling pine trees barely missing patrons on the course.

There have been many great storylines for the tournament so far, such as LIV Golf’s Brooks Koepka lighting it up, Jon Rahm continuing his great play, an Amateur golfer fighting for first place, and the GOAT, Tiger Woods, barely making the cut to play the rest of the weekend.

However, the lesser-known storyline that casual viewers and even faithful fans might not know of are the distinct and unique rules of The Masters. A TikTok video has gone viral after the creator brought to light some of the crazy rules that apply at The Masters, such as:

-Cell phones and/or cameras are not allowed on the grounds during the official tournament rounds. Disposable and Digital cameras are allowed for Practice Round days, but not during the actual tournament.

-The Masters provides pay phones for patrons to use if they wish to call someone.

-Speaking of patrons, TV commentators are not allowed to use the term “fans” or “spectators” to describe those fans in the gallery. The Masters insist that they are called “patrons.”

-If you try to take sand home from the famous Augusta National Golf Club, you could face jail time.

-While hats are, of course, allowed on the premises, fans and players are not allowed to wear their hats backwards.

-Patrons are allowed to bring folding chairs into the tournament to sit on, but the chairs cannot have arm rests on them.

-No running is allowed.

-Tickets to the tournament are incredibly hard to obtain because you have to get them through Augusta National Golf Club. Many patrons obtain their tickets through a “lottery system” that randomly awards tickets to those who enter the drawing.

-In certain scenarios, if you try to sell your tickets, you could go to jail.

-You are not allowed to tip workers at the golf course.

All of these rules can be seen described in the TikTok video below:

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They say the Masters is “A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” and that might be thanks to some of these weird-ass rules they enforce. I guess “Weird-Ass Rules Unlike Any Other” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

It certainly doesn’t sound good with the backdrop of peaceful piano music like the Masters is commonly known for, and I don’t think you could get the legendary commentator Jim Nantz to say “Weird-Ass” either.

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