Angel Reese Now Says She Will Attend The White House Visit Along With Rest Of LSU Team

Angel Reese LSU
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Sounds like Angel Reese has had a change of heart.


The star LSU basketball player initially wasn’t too thrilled when First Lady Jill Biden invited Iowa to come the White House as well, even though LSU beat them in the Women’s College Basketball National Championship 102-85.

Biden said:

“I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House, we always do. So, we hope LSU will come.

But, you know, I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game.”

After the comments, Reese quote tweeted the article where the First Lady made the comments, and said:



She basically said that she would decline the White House invite after Jill Biden’s comments, saying on the I Am Athlete podcast:

“If we were to lose, we would not be getting invited to the White House and I remember she made a comment about both teams should be invited because it was sportsmanship.

And I’m like, are you saying that because of what I did? That stuff like that, it bothers me because you are a woman and at the end of the day, White, Black, Mexican, doesn’t matter… you should be standing behind us.

That’s why she wants to come out and apologize but I don’t accept it. I’m not going to lie, I don’t accept the apology because you said what you said.

You can’t go back on certain things you say, you felt they should have came because of sportsmanship, they can have that spotlight, we’ll go to the Obamas. We’ll see Michelle, we’ll see Barack.”

She also confessed that her beef with the Bidens started even before the Iowa comment because Joe didn’t have LSU doing well in his (terrible) bracket. The LSU team even declined to have Jill Biden visit the locker room before the Championship game.

Petty? Yeah, kinda…

However, it appears that Reese has changed her mind.

She said:

“In the beginning, we were hurt, it was emotional because we know how hard we worked all year for everything, that hurt us in the moment.

You don’t get that experience ever, so going back on it… and I know my team probably wants to go for sure, and my coaches are supportive of that, so I’m going to do what’s best for the team. If they would like to and we decide we’re gonna go, then we’re gonna go.

We’ll all come together and I think it’ll be good. I’m a team player. I’m going to do what’s best for the team. I’m the captain.”

So, I guess we’ll be seeing Angel Reese at the White House after all.

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