Luke Combs Tells Joe Rogan The Painful Story Of How He Missed Out On A Monster 230-Inch Buck

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There may not be something more painful on this planet, than staring a trophy buck down and not being able to bag it.

Seriously, moments like that will haunt you for the rest of your life, as you wonder how much better that wall at your house would look if there was a sweet buck mounted on it.

The one that got away…

Speaking of those painful situations, Luke Combs experienced that pain and suffering not too long ago while hunting, and he recalled the unfortunate story while making an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

And we’re talking about a MASSIVE 230-inch buck.

Combs said:

“You’re gonna think I’m lying, a 230-inch deer man. No lie, everybody watching this is gonna be like ‘you’re lying, you didn’t see no 230-inch deer.’ 

Deer walks out, he’s at 60-yards broadside. I’ve got my arrow, I’m on the d-loop, but I’m not drawing on him. He’s broadside at 60…”

Problem was… the wind was blowing 25 miles per hour.

“So that arrow is gonna go sideways, right? I’m not good enough to compensate for that kind of wind. I’ve also got doe’s at 25-yards underneath my feet, and I’m goin’, ‘This bucks coming in dude.’ Walking right into this thing. There’s no chance… there’s does at my feet and he’s looking right at them.

So I’m hooked up, he’s looking at the doe’s, and looks back really quick, and he takes off, dead sprint. Stays at 60, and I watch him go all the way into the cedars. The wind didn’t swirl, and I go ‘What is going on?’

So I called Dan (Isbell), shaking at this point, put my bow back in the thing, and the doe spooked out and they followed him. They looked back at him and when he took off, they took off.” 

That’s when the person he was hunting with told him that there were coyotes running around, and that was more than likely the reason why the buck ran off.

And unfortunately the buck didn’t turn back up again until the last day:

“I sat in that stand the next three days. Every morning three hours, night three hours. So the last morning, I’m up there, I look back up to where Dan is sitting and there’s another ag fence that’s kind of cut into a cottonfield…

I see all these deer, I’m glassing, probably 500-ish yards out. I’m glassing, and I see all these does, all these does, and I see him. You can see from 500-yards he’s a giant, just no doubt he’s the same deer.

I watch every doe pass by the first fence… he’s behind them, and never goes past the second fence.”

They decided to go back to the spot where they saw the massive buck later that night…

However, the buck was no longer there, and Luke missed out on the buck of a lifetime.

You can watch the full conversation here:

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