With The Masters Starting Tomorrow, Take A Look At Their Iconic Concessions Menu

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Folks, it’s Masters week.

For fans of golf (and people who appreciate exquisite landscaping), it doesn’t get better than this “Tradition Unlike Any Other.”

The golf tournament, which marks the first of the four “major” tournaments for the year, tees off tomorrow. Played at Augusta National Golf Club, it is a cherished event that golfers and fans look forward to every single year (and it is the only Major tournament played at the same course every year).

What makes the tournament so special?

The rich history.

The natural beauty.

The memorable, championship defining moments and the agonizing, tragic collapses.

There are so many reasons why fans love the Masters, but for patrons lucky enough to attend the event (tickets are going for over $1,000 per round), they might tell you that the highlight of being on the sacred grounds of Augusta are the concession prices.

Food prices at sporting events have seen a horrendous uptick in the past decade. If you went to any other professional sporting event, you would be lucky to get a chicken strip basket and a beer for under $30 dollars.

How are prices at the Masters? Much, much better than your average sporting event.

Walk up to the iconic concession stand and you’ll see prices such as:

Pimento Cheese Sandwich: $1.50

Masters Club Sandwich: $3.00

Coffee: $1.5o

Breakfast Sandwich: $3.00

Soft Drink: $2.00

Domestic or Import Beer: $5.00

Moon Pie: $1.00

The food items that are sold at “golf heaven” actually have the “heavenly” prices to match:

Props to the Masters for realizing that you probably spent an arm and a leg to get into the sporting event itself and giving you a break on the food.

How nice would it be to go to another sporting event like a basketball game or football game and not have to ask yourself “Hmmm, do I want another beer in a souvenir cup or do I want to be able to afford groceries this week?”

Tee times for the first round of the historic tournament at Augusta National start tomorrow morning. However, the action has already started today, with the traditional Par 3 Contest that is played on Augusta National’s Par 3 course.

Check out this video of Seamus Powers hitting hole-in-ones on back to back holes during the competition this morning:

If you play golf, you know how hard it is to get a hole-in-one. This guy casually did it on back-to-back holes.

I guess professional golfers are pretty good at what they do…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock