Idiot Fans Criticize Carrie Underwood’s Toned Legs Following The CMT Awards

Carrie Underwood country music
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Honestly, I don’t think I could ever comment on Carrie Underwood’s legs in good faith.

The girl works her ass off to keep them perfectly toned, and of course, they’ve become a big part of her signature look. I mean, she easily has some of the best legs I’ve ever seen, and maintaining them has to be almost a full-time job.

It takes a different level of commitment to achieve that, and I think Carrie is absolutely stunning.

But, at this year’s CMT Awards, where she was nominated in the Video of the Year category for “Hate My Heart,” which ultimately went to Kane and Katelyn Brown for “Thank God,” some fans weren’t quite so impressed.

Carrie wore a very sparkly, rhinestoned outfit that definitely showed off how toned and muscular her legs are, which you can see in the post she shared on Instagram:

“I had a great time last night at the #CMTAwards … here’s some pics to prove it!  Thanks to everyone who voted!

I want you to know that I saw you guys and how hard you were all working…it really meant a lot!”

Of course, the response was a mixed bag, with some fans loving the look and just as many criticizing her for her legs being too muscular.

I mean, the comments section on the post is cesspool right now… there’s plenty more where this came from, but here’s a quick look at some of them:

“Too many leg days”

“Most guys are not into big muscular women’s legs…sorry.”

“You can show off your legs without wearing those god awful shorts.”

“Her legs are soooo unattractive.”


“Nope nope nope. Not a good look!”

“That outfit is not it.”

“Never skips leg day…”

“Carrie, stop with all the plastic surgery and the legs!”

“I think she’s very pretty, I’m not a fan of the body builder legs , I get it being short too our legs bull up easily but too much is too much.”

“Not flattering … why accentuate one’s worst physical feature with all the money available to dress well. Mind boggling!!”

Of course,  many fans came to her defense as well:

“To anyone making negative comments about her legs, I’m gonna need you to post a picture of your legs along with your jealous comments.”

“Girl you are rocking those legs.”

“These comments are ridiculous. Carrie looks beautiful. Shania Twain has been performing in a bra since the 90s, does she get the same criticism?”

“Muscles on muscles! Girl when we get old we will be thankful we worked out! And those who don’t will wish they had! You are my inspiration!”

“Give your legs their own IG account. They have earned it, dang it.”

“These comments about “is she doing a bodybuilding show” are so ignorant.”

Even Khloe Kardashian commented:

“Wow! Your legs are incredible! You look beautiful”

My God… the internet sucks.

Carrie also performed “Hate My Heart” on the show:

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