Justin Moore & Riley Green Team Up For New Feel-Good Anthem “Everybody Get Along”

Justin Moore Riley Green country music

Can’t we all just get along?

Justin Moore and Riley Green seem to think so in their new collaboration, “Everybody Get Along,” that dropped today.

The leadoff track from Justin’s upcoming album Stray Dog“Everybody Get Along” is a lighthearted call for people to put aside their differences – like whether they drive a Chevy or a Ford – to just get along:

“I like this
And I like that
But when it comes down to it
We’ve got each others’ backs
In a world where all we do is fight and fuss and disagree
Why can’t everybody get along like you and me?”

Written by Justin along with hitmakers and frequent co-writers David Lee Murphy and Jeremy Stover, Justin says the song was actually recorded for his Late Nights and Longnecks album back in 2019:

“The song idea came randomly on one of those writer retreats down in Florida. We’d written a couple of songs that day, so every time we’re down there and get a song or two written by the afternoon, we’re feeling good about ourselves, and we can have a beer or two and relax. That’s the way this song came about as I recall.

We were kidding about the fact that it doesn’t matter what you say or who you’re talking to –  nobody can get along with anybody at this point. This was 4-5 years ago – things were really volatile.

We thought it would be funny if we did a song like this. It just kind of spilled out of us. “Why can’t everybody get along?” We chose to go the path of two guys that were 100% just alike. The things that they love in life are the same except the brand name. I personally drive a Ford truck, and I get into it with my friend who drives a Chevy. They’re essentially the same thing.

We thought it was a funny thing to go at it from that angle. I get a kick out of it.”

And according to Justin, having Riley Green on the track was a natural fit:

“To have Riley be a part of it, a guy who I have a ton of respect for as an artist, is great. I love the way he’s fashioned his career. He’s got that “it-factor.”

We grew up the same way. He’s an Alabama guy; I’m an Arkansas guy. I’m happy to have him be a part of it.”

So whether you’re a Dale Earnhardt fan or you think Richard Petty is the greatest of all time, check this one out – because it’s a fun, lighthearted call for unity in a world where nobody seems to be able to agree on…well, anything.

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