Bison Herd Stops Traffic In Route To Great Salt Lake On Utah’s Antelope Island

Bison Utah

What an absolutely gorgeous scene.

Utah may be better known for red, rocky landscapes, but there’s also some parts that are lush and full of vegetation, water, and wildlife.

One of those areas is Antelope Island, which is the largest of 10 islands that sit in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. It’s home to a ton of free ranging animals, such as mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn (also called antelope), and bison.

A trip here is extremely high on my bucket list and you can see why from this video captured a few years back.

Right from the jump we see a herd of buffalo making their way through a meadow with the Wasatch Mountain in the background. They’re moving towards the shores of the Great Salt Lake and have to cross a road, which forces drivers to stop and let them pass, giving the visitors an up close experience of exactly what they were hoping to see.

Having a huge body of water, endless mountain ranges, large meadows, and near countless buffalo all in one location is almost too much to believe.

While states like Wyoming and Montana get a lot of wildlife publicity, mostly due to Yellowstone National Park, Utah more than holds its own and quite honestly is the top place I want to spend a few weeks exploring.

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