Taylor Swift Continues To Bring Out The Classics During Las Vegas Show With “Our Song”

Taylor Swift country music
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Taylor Swift’s debut era is unmatched.

The Eras Tour is in full swing. Glendale last weekend, Las Vegas this weekend, and hitting Texas after that.

Swifties have been geeking out over the show, and I am on the full side of Taylor Swift TikTok. It’s all that is shown on my feed currently…

If you don’t want to know anything about the tour, I’d strongly suggest you skip over the next few paragraphs and hit the video for some Grade-A content.

From this side of TikTok, I have gathered that the show is nearly three and a half hours long and that at each show, she has a set list of tracks, except for two toss-ups.

No toss-up song will be repeated throughout the tour, and front what it seems so far, her first ‘era’ is one of the surprise songs.

During the first week of the tour in Glendale, Arizona, she pulled out “Tim McGraw,”…such a classic.

She treated her fans on the Las Vegas leg with another tried and true from her country music debut album, “Our Song.”

Does anyone else remember having the CD of the debut album with Taylor’s curly hair and beach scene background for the album cover…or just me? Because I wore the hell out of this album in my adolescence.

“This is a song that I actually wrote for my 9th grade talent show. This is ‘Our Song.'”

The stadium roared as she introduced the tune, and she wasted no time getting into it.

Taylor takes it back to her roots and accompanies herself on guitar while she sings.

This era is of Taylor Swift raised me, and it’s truly unmatched.

The pop star has stepped away from her country roots, but it’s always good to see her give a nod to what made her who she is today.

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