Rogue Truck Tire Sends Car Flying Several Feet Into The Air In Los Angeles

Car wreck

Typically when you see cars go flying through the air in wrecks, they come from movie scenes.

But this one right here?

This is real life.

An insane car crash was captured on dash cam footage and has since gone viral, where you can see the vehicle go flying several feet up into the air.

According to FOX News, it all went down last Thursday on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Chatsworth, which is a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The person who got the wild scene all on film was Anoop Khatra, who was driving behind a dark-colored Kia Soul.

You can see a white pickup truck driving right beside the Kia, when all of a sudden the front left tire pops off of the truck and shoots into the nearby lane.

The Kia runs over the tire, sending it straight up in the air. It flipped over right after it landed, and rolled over a number of times before ending back right side up.

As for the truck, it rolled straight across the freeway to the right shoulder before coming to a complete stop.

Khatra said that there was only one person in the Kia, and appeared to walk away from the wreckage without any significant injuries.

The Los Angeles Police Department also said that there were no major injuries suffered from the wreck.

Needless to say, it’s an absolute miracle that the victim was able to walk away from the scene. It’s hard for anybody to believe that someone could survive something like this, much less without significant, life altering injuries.

Check it out:

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