Security Camera Captures Giant Black Bear Crawling Under Lake Tahoe Deck

Bear tahoe

All around the United States, it’s about the time of year where you’re freezing in the morning and sweating in the afternoon.

Here in Virginia, just a few days ago it was in the 20’s and tomorrow it’s going to be almost 80, which is discombobulating as all hell for us humans, but I’ve always wondered what the animals were thinking. They’re the poor guys with no clothes (aside from their fur), heating, or air conditioning after all.

Well, it appears this is not just an east coast issue, as a video from Lake Tahoe, California shows.

Lake Tahoe has been hit by a near recording setting amount of snow this season, piling up a total of over 56 feet, according to FoxWeather. January and March were the 8th and 7th snowiest months in the region’s history, respectively. This marks the second highest amount of snow the area has ever seen, but some meteorologists believe there’s still plenty more coming due to an “atmospheric river” running wild through the state.

Given it’s almost April, animals that hunker down for the cold months are starting to stir, including the area’s bear population. Not all of them hibernate for the winter, but certainly a good amount do, and when those poor souls awoke from their long slumber, they had to be absolutely pissed that it was still snowing buckets.

One of those bears was captured by a security camera squeezing and crawling under a deck, presumably trying to find a makeshift den to do a bit more sleeping while the weather straightens itself out.

And this guy is a monster…

Can you imagine your dad asking you to go get some of the random stuff you store under the deck, only to come face to face with this guy? No thank you.

That’s probably why they have a camera down there in the first place, but let’s hope the bear eventually waddled its way out with no problems.

California sure ain’t just beaches sunshine…

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A beer bottle on a dock