Dylan Wheeler Teases New Song “A Lot On Your Mind,” And We Need It ASAP

Dylan Wheeler country music
Shiloh Hughes

We need this one NOW.

Dylan Wheeler teased a new song seemingly titled “A Lot On Your Mind” earlier today, and it’s a straight up heater if I’ve ever heard one.

The Texas country rocker put out his debut studio album Times Are Changing last year, and it sounds like we might have some new tunes on the horizon this year, too.

At least I hope so…

The lyrics here read kind like some sort of conversation he’s had with his mom (probably more than once), as he sings from her perspective and recalls all the times she’s told him to quit smoking and drinking so much and stop being so hard on himself:

“My mama told me that I need to do better with my health
Lay down the liquor, put out that cigarette
you can light a fire with the fumes on your breather
You’ve been smoking and drinking again…

She said nobody’s perfect,
Don’t be so hard on yourself
But I know it might sound crazy, you’re doin fine 
Even though you slowly kill yourself to feel alive,
When you’re smoking and drinking”

I mean, SHEESH.

Coupled with his gritty, strong vocals, the delivery is so raw and honest, and I can’t wait to hear the full studio version whenever the time finally comes.

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You’ll be glad you did:

“A lot on your mind.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock