Chimp Shows Off Cannon Arm Hurling Water Bottle Right At The Head Of Zoo Visitor


This chimpanzee has an absolute laser for an arm. Have you ever seen a half-empty water bottle fly through the air at such a high rate of speed?

According to the New York Post, a recent incident at a zoo in southern China is sweeping the internet thanks to this chimpanzee’s big league arm. It all started when a bystander threw a water bottle at the chimpanzee, which missed and landed in the animal’s exhibit.

The chimp, whose name is Diu Na Xing, has become notorious for throwing rocks, mud, and other objects out of his exhibit at zoo-goers. The fact that he throws things is actually one of the reasons why this Chimp is one of the zoo’s most popular attractions to visit.

There has been some backlash about the monkey’s behavior, but can you blame him? Someone littered in his home, and he is just supposed to take that lying down?

Instead, Diu Na Xing saw it as an opportunity to throw some “chin music” and absolutely lasered the bottle at someone who just so happened to be videoing the incident. The footage that is taken is almost hard to believe.

The woman who was hit suffered a cut on her eyebrow and a broken phone screen. I said “chin music” earlier, but maybe it is more appropriate to say “eye brow music” or “forehead music” considering where the bottle made contact.

All I can think of when I watch the video is “how fast would that clock on a speed gun?” Has to reach at least 60 miles an hour right? And it was that MLB-pitcher-late-movement on the bottle that made it hard to dodge.

Also could’ve been the fact that she was recording the whole thing on her phone. This stands as yet another example of “smart phones” making people increasingly dumb.

Another thought I have is how about that side arm throw? The chimp threw the bottle like he was running away from the defense and needed to convert a 3rd and 4. It is just great form and incredible accuracy for throwing on the run.

See for yourself:

You just can’t help but laugh at the video.

I hope the woman is okay (I’m sure she is), because I know that was probably a scary incident, but I’m still on the side of the chimpanzee. He was just trying to return the bottle to its rightful owner, and he chose to use expedited shipping.

The slow motion footage of bottle flying straight towards the camera is comedy gold. Even the slowed down version doesn’t leave much time between the release of the bottle from the chimp’s hand and contact with the phone.

I’d love to see someone try and get a hit off this chimp if he was standing on the mound. I think it is only right to get the chimpanzee out of that zoo and into a situation where he can showcase his rocket arm.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock