University Of San Diego Baseball Team Bunts Their Way To An Insanely Chaotic 10-Run Inning


Who said baseball was boring?

The San Diego baseball team looked at all of the controversies surrounding baseball, like the new pitch clock or the shift ban, and said they simply don’t care.

An analytics nerd might’ve even handed them a paper saying they should swing for the fences and hit home runs, and they yawned in their face.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the University of San Diego Baseball Team, I can officially declare that the BUNT is BACK!

Game footage (3 minutes and 50 seconds of it to be exact) from the San Diego team’s 8th inning rally has gone viral this past week because they managed to score 10 runs in an inning without hitting the ball out of the infield.

The score was 8 to 6 entering into the 8th inning, with San Diego trialing by two runs. By the time the inning was over, they took the lead 16 to 8, mainly thanks to 4 straight bunts to start off the order.

I would fail to do the video justice by explaining it. You have to simply see it in order to believe that it is possible. The beginning of the footage is an absolute bunting clinic, and the back half of the video is more of the other team collapsing.

However, I think the university playing San Diego only made those errors because they were mystified by the bunting barrage that caught them by surprise.

Let me say it again just so it really hits home with you: San Diego scored 10 straight runs in an inning without hitting it into outfield. I’m not sure anything like that has ever been done in the history of baseball.

Imagine you are watching the World Series. Let’s just say the Atlanta Braves are matching up against the Boston Red Sox. It is Game 7. The Braves are down by two runs in the 8th and need to get a rally going.

Then imagine four straight Braves players laying down bunts against the Red Sox. Social media would be burying them right? But what if it worked like it did for San Diego? The bunt used to be a mainstay of the game of baseball, and this is video evidence that it can still work (PAC, the opposing team, never adjusted their defense, but disregard that).

I know I would rather watch San Diego’s electric bunt squad than Major Leaguers strike out four times in a row…

I think baseball analysts are going to be studying this footage for a very, very long time. It should not be long before we see an ESPN 30 for 30 on this massive comeback. What would it be named you ask? Here are some options:

ESPN 30 for 30: Small Ball

ESPN 30 for 30: Bunt Cake

ESPN 30 for 30: No Ifs, Ands, or Bunts About It

ESPN 30 for 30: The Bunt Affront

Not my best work, but all the baseball jargon has me ready for the MLB season.

Opening Day is 10 days away…for those that are counting.

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