Luke Combs Tells Joe Rogan He “Didn’t Have A Chance” When He Moved To Nashville: “Everybody Was Hot”

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Luke Combs may not have a six pack of abs, but he’s sold a hell of a lot of music and has the been the thing in mainstream country for the last five or six years now… so he’s doin’ alright.

He’s a guest on the most recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode, and I’ll be honest, I’m still working my way through listening to the three-plus hours of content.

But I will say, Luke has been a great guest so far, and even gave Joe a hilarious explanation for his plan when he got to Music City.

He wasn’t initially necessarily trying to become an artist per se, and more so wanted to be involved in country music any way he could… even if that meant sweeping the floors in a studio.

Luke actually dropped out of college with 21 credit hours left to pursue music full-time:

“I didn’t move to Nashville to necessarily be a country artist. I just wanted to do music for a living, in any way.

I worked a bunch of jobs in high school, college, I went to college for five years, didn’t graduate, which I’m sure my parents loved…

I was 21 hours away from getting my degree. It was whatever that was… sweeping floors in a studio would’ve been great to me, because  I would be around music, I’d be trying to write music, publishing deal.”

He continued, saying he was trying to be realistic when he got to town, because at the time when he moved there nine years ago, “everybody was hot,” stood 6’5” and abs.

The sad, yet really funny part is, he ain’t lyin’… and Joe had a good laugh about it too:

“I mean realistically, I thought to myself, especially at the time I moved to town is like, dude,  everybody that was doing music when I moved to town was hot, dude. 6’5”, abs, I mean, I didn’t have chance, bro. I didn’t have a chance.

And so I’m going, cool, I’ll just write songs for these handsome cats and that will be fine with me, you know? But back to the luck thing, I just stumbled into it at the right time.

I think Chris Stapleton singing ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ with Justin Timberlake at the CMA’s was an earth-shattering moment for country music and that opened the door up for guys like myself… like somebody who didn’t look like every other guy in town.”

How the hell can you not love Luke Combs? He’s so down-to-earth and funny.

And Luke has said before that he looks like a guy who works at the Jiffy Lube, but in the long run, that relatability factor he has in spades has been a large part of what’s made him a superstar.

Plus, the guy is an incredible vocalist and fantastic writer, too, so it’s easy to look back and say now that he was destined to be a country star.

This appearance is part of promotion he’s doing for his forthcoming Gettin’ Old record, which includes singles like “Love You Anyway,” “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old,” and the longtime fan-favorite “Joe.”

The album will be out everywhere next Friday on March 24th.

And you can listen to the whole episode exclusively on Spotify… shoutout to Luke for rockin’ the Waylon hat for millions of Rogan fans to see, too. You love to see it.

“5 Leaf Clover” is dropping everywhere tomorrow in honor of St. Patrick’s Day:

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