Luke Combs Recalls Being Told He Didn’t Look Like A Country Singer: “Put Me At The Jiffy Lube, You’ll Think I Manage The Son Of A B*tch”

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Always keeping it real… you gotta love it.

We were talking with American Aquariums BJ Barham on the podcast last week (coming soon) about the ways the country music industry likes to manufacture artists to fit this image, and I was reminded of this story from Luke Combs.

A while back, Luke Combs joined Scott Van Pelt’s podcast SVPod, and while they got to talking about sports (Lamar Jackson taking a dump in the middle of the game), music, gambling and everything under the sun, one part that caught my eye (and cracked me up) was when Luke got to talking about signing a record deal.

Long story short, Luke had just moved to town and was writing with friends and folks he’d met around town, playing showcases and writer’s rounds… you know, the kind of thing you do when you get to Nashville.

But a lot of people (record execs and industry folks) told Luke that he was destined to only be a songwriter for these bigger artists because he didn’t “look the part.”

And here was Luke’s brilliantly honest (and hilarious) response:

“We’re talking about COUNTRY music here… if anybody looks the part, it’s me.

The OTHER guys don’t look the part, that’s the problem. I’m not the guy that’s the problem here.

Throw these other guys at the Jiffy Lube, they’re gonna look outta place. You put me at the Jiffy Lube and you’re gonna think I manage the son of a bitch.”

Can I get an amen?

But by all means, keep pumping these copycat pretty boys out of the Nashville music machine….

Meanwhile, Luke Combs is busy racking up hit after hit after hit, and oh yeah… a nice little Entertainer of the Year award to go with it.

Also, Luke got talking about the difficulties of being a Carolina Panthers fan, and while I get is

“It’s not that hard to be a Bears fan. Because you’re used to winning and you’re not that good this year?

Get the fuck over it. You want to talk about endless depression, call up the Detroit Lions or the Carolina Panthers.”

To which SVP was quick to call out the HUGE difference between the decades long struggle of the Lions, and the fairly recent struggle of the Panthers, but as a Bears fans, I’ll say this…. they’re not that good, they’re RARELY ever good, they won a Super Bowl in 85 and Bears fans STILL talk about like it was yesterday.

And every damn year we build this team up like they’re gonna be good and they’re not. We’re in the same depressing boat Luke. The same damn boat.

Anyways, check out the full podcast, it’s a good listen.

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