Watch Tyler Childers Perform “Feathered Indians” For Local Kentucky Radio Back In 2013

Tyler Childers country music

I’m deep into these old Tyler Childers videos these days.

I don’t care what mood I’m in or what time of day it is, there is never a wrong time for “Feathered Indians.”

This throwback from 2013 features Tyler performing on a live stream for a local radio station in Louisville, Kentucky, when he first wrote this tune.

The video opens up with a short interview with the radio hosts, and it’s fun to hear Tyler talk about his early days playing for anyone he could.

When asked about his songwriting process, he says:

“Usually, it will start with a line, and I do a lot of driving, have a lot of time by myself…..I’ll be driving down the road and start whistling a melody, and it just goes from there.”

He then touches on how John Prine and Townes Van Zandt heavily influenced his writing, and there’s really no surprise there… those two are songwriting masterminds.

He then goes into the tune and knocks it out of the park, and because of it being performed on public radio, he gives a lovely ‘clean’ stamp to a few of the lyrics.

“Feathered Indians” was one of the tunes that got me hooked on Childers (as I’m sure it was for many others as well), and it truly never gets old.

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