Bailey Zimmerman Responds To Viral Super Bowl Weekend Performance: “Ears Went Out… I Swear I’m Not THAT Bad”

Bailey Zimmerman country music

It’s no secret that Bailey Zimmerman has quickly become one of the fastest rising stars in mainstream country music over the past year.

With his gritty vocals, production choices, and emotional songwriting ability, I’d say if you’re not familiar, you can probably liken his sound to the more country-leaning songs from Morgan Wallen. But along with his insanely popular presence on social media, the 23-year-old has pretty much become a household name among young, mainstream country fans.

Zimmerman already has a number one hit so far in his short country music career, with his mega hit “Fall In Love” topping the Country Radio chart.

Not to mention, “Fall In Love,” along with his other singles “Rock and a Hard Place,” and “Where It Ends” all cracking the top 10 on the streaming, airplay, and sales-based Hot Country Songs chart.

As memorable as his short lived career has been thus far, he had a rather forgettable performance Saturday night at the BetMGM’s West Fest at the Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, Arizona.

BetMGM kicked off their Super Bowl festivities with a concert featuring Tim McGraw and Bailey Zimmerman, among others.

But while singing his hit “Rock and a Hard Place,” he sounded…. let’s just use his own words and call it “rough.”

And I won’t disagree… it was a tough one.

Just see for yourself:

@tomatobisque22 I am shook this is so bad no offense #baileyzimmerman #superbowl #betmgm #timmcgraw ♬ Bailey Zimmerman Live – Tomato bisque

However, Zimmerman was very transparent about the unfortunate situation in the comments, explaining:

“Yo okay, hear me out… No excuse I get that, but my ears went out and I couldn’t hear anything… I’m so sorry for y’all that came and were sad”

He followed it up saying:

“But I love all of y’all and I swear I’m not THAT BAD… cause this is BADDDDD.”

And finally:

“Again very sorry for y’all that came and were disappointed but I had a blast… I’m only human.”

Whenever you’re traveling from venue to venue throughout the year, you already know something is bound to go wrong at at least one of the shows. Artists have technical difficulties all the time and not being able to hear yourself is a pretty big deal for singers.

There were a number of comments on the viral post from fans who have seen him perform live in past, and they largely seemed to claim that he sounded much better.

However, by Bailey’s own admission, this night was pretty rough:

In a follow up clip of “Where It Ends,” he commented:

“OMG, again I couldn’t hear anything, but damn this is rough.”

So props to Zimmerman for owning up to it, and trying his best to play it off as well as possible.

@tomatobisque22 Replying to @sarinaaaaa.c ♬ original sound – Tomato bisque

His most recent release is a song called “Fix’n To Break,” which dropped this past Friday:

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