Wrestling Legend Jerry “The King” Lawler Recovering From “Massive” Stroke

Jerry Lawler WWE
JP Yim/Getty Images

Earlier this week, famed WWE wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered a major stroke at his Fort Myers, Florida home.

However, the 73-year-old has had some positive news since then, as his condition has improved and he is currently in recovery.

His social media team gave us a great update on Twitter:

“Update on Jerry: After suffering a massive stroke Monday. He is now recovering in a Fort Myers, FL hospital.

His speech is limited, but with rehabilitation will regain a full recovery. He thanks everyone for the continued prayers and will be back in the near future.”

Lawler has suffered from some serious health conditions over the years, as he suffered a stroke back in 2018, and also had a heart attack on live TV back in 2012, according to FOX News.

The Memphis, Tennessee native and wrestling legend has been affiliated with the sport since 1970, and has made a few appearances in recent years.

His position as a commentator alongside Jim Ross was reprised during WWE’s 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last month.

Ross also weighed in on the situation, saying:

“He’s obviously weak but I could understand his affected speech. Jerry’s prognosis is positive but he needs all our thoughts and prayers.”

Needless to say, this is great to hear considering it was a potentially fatal situation.

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