Snowboarder Doesn’t Notice A Black Bear Come Out Of Den And Climb Into A Tree Right Next To Him

Snowboarders bear

That would make the ol’ heart rate jump in a hurry.

Skiing and /or snowboarding is another one of those things that gets you outside in the cold weather. Even though you’re usually in high altitude places, there’s always a chance that you can see some wildlife.

Usually, those encounters are unexpected and unwanted. The only thought on most of these folks’ minds is shredding the hills.

Black bears are the smallest species of bear in North America with adults typically weighing between 250 on average.

One of the coolest things about them is their ability to hibernate. During the winter months, black bears enter a state of hibernation that allows them to conserve energy and survive the cold weather. During this time their heart rate, breathing, and metabolism slow down significantly allowing them to survive on stored body fat.

Black bears begin to prepare for hibernation in the fall, when they start to consume large amounts of food to build up their fat reserves. They typically enter their dens in November or December and remain there until March or April. Their dens can be anything from a cave to a tree well, anything that can keeps them from the elements and in a safe place.

These snowboarders got the surprise of the day when they stopped on a back country run at one of Canada’s premiere snow sport destinations… Whistler, located in British Columbia.

As one of the guys stomps around and plays with his board pushing the snow, you notice some movement behind him in the trees.

The movement turns into a bear and the bear then climbs the tree without any of them noticing.

As the bear gets above their heads one of them takes notice and lets the rest know. They all jump in shock as they turn their heads. They quickly start their journey back down the hill to get away.

Those fellas woke this guy up early.

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