Peyton Manning Gets Heated At Refs During Pro Bowl, & His 11-Year-Old Son Marshall May Be The Next Great Manning QB

Peyton Manning

Yesterday, the NFL unveiled their first ever flag football Pro-Bowl.

The move was needed, considering players weren’t really trying when the Pro-Bowl was an actual tackle football game due to the possibility of getting injured in a meaningless game.

Although the skills challenges and flag football game may have not racked up a ton of views from fans, it was a great opportunity for the players to enjoy their hard work this season.

For the flag football game, we got to see Peyton and Eli Manning face off once again, but this time as coaches for the NFC and AFC.

It’s always awesome watching the two go back and forth, as we saw time and time again during the Monday Night Football Manningcast.

But this was the first ever time we got to see the two coach against each other on a large stage.

There were a number of highlights, and Peyton had a few of them himself, like when he got absolutely heated after Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins took a knee to end the game.

Peyton came running out onto the field, screaming at officials:

“You can’t run! It’s a penalty! That’s a penalty! You can’t run!”

He kept going on and on, and it was easy to see that he was genuinely pissed off, and didn’t want to lose to his younger brother.

Pat McAfee, who was calling the game, even said:

“Peyton furious with this PAC-12 official. The intricacies of flag football being argued about by Peyton Manning. I love everything about it!”

Kirk Herbstreit, who was also in the booth with McAfee, added:

“Yeah that was great. What a way to finish.”

After the game ended, Peyton had a smile on his face so he had obviously let it go at that point, but it was still hilarious nonetheless.

However, perhaps the best highlight of the game was when Peyton’s 11-year-old son, Marshall, showed off his cannon of an arm for his age.

Now we all know the football legacy is still alive and well in the Manning family, as Peyton and Eli’s nephew, Arch, was the number one quarterback in the country coming out of high school this past fall, and he’s headed to Texas.

But now, it appears that Marshall may be the next man up, and it’ll be interesting to see if he keeps developing and ends up playing on Saturdays, and maybe even Sundays one day.

For now, these are some serious dimes for a kid:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock