Turkey Is Hilariously Terrorizing A Minnesota Neighborhood, And Even Hitched A Ride To Chipotle Once

Wild turkey

I can’t help but laugh as I watch this new report…

If a wild turkey is a problem, I bet the problem can be solved pretty quickly with a few solutions.

Wild turkeys are large birds, with males, known as toms, typically weighing between 16-24 pounds and measuring 3-4 feet in length. Females, known as hens, are smaller, weighing between 8-12 pounds and measuring 2-3 feet in length.

While wild turkeys are generally shy and avoid human contact, they can become aggressive during the breeding season or when they are protecting their young. They may attack by pecking, clawing, or even chasing humans but these are rare circumstances.

Sure, a turkey is a large bird. But, a person would think that if a turkey was causing a problem, it could very easily be looked after as they aren’t too big to take on…

This Minnesota neighborhood bags to differ in this hilarious news report.

The reporters interview people in the neighborhood who all recall the horrific details of these turkey bothering everyone and how they live in fear.

The best part is how the turkey is literally in the background of the news reports as if it knows they are talking about him.

The people of the neighborhood are all fearful for themselves and the children in that are in the area.

“This turkey attacks me every single day. Follows me, goes up my stairs and tries to get into my house. When I live in my car, it follows my car

It gets on my husband’s truck and follows me.

But, I have to carry my broom, water bottle and golf club everywhere I go

It rode with me to Chipotle onetime”

The turkey is said to have drawn blood, pecked at tires and chased cars all over the neighborhood. Fish and game along with the police have pretty well ignored all complaints.

Clearly, this turkey is a straight up menace.

But, the ol’ 5 cent pill would fix that all pretty quick…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock