Kip Moore Puts A Cool, Bluegrass Spin On “Sweet Virginia” In New Acoustic Performance Video

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It’s about damn time we get some new music from Kip Moore

And while this song isn’t new, Kip just released a live perfomance video of “Sweet Virginia” with an entirely new production, so I’ll take it at this point.

From his 2021 Wild World album, the song was easily one of my favorites on that tracklist, and it sounds just as good with this acoustic, bluegrass production backing him courtesy of his fall tour openers Boy Named Banjo.

He told Apple Music, the inspiration for the lyrics came from his experience and observation in navigating relationships in our modern times that often seem to make dating way more complex than it needs to be:

“I think now more than ever, it’s like everyone’s scared to put their cards on the table. I feel like when you listen to stories of your grandparents and even your parents, everything was a lot more direct in those times.

Now everything seems to be more of a game. A lot of times you might be feeling something strongly, but there seems to be someone not having clarity on one side or the other.”

While I’ve been waiting what feels like forever for him to officially announce a new project, which he at one point had said would drop last year, we still haven’t gotten much in the way of new information on an album.

He is gearing up to hit the road on a European tour in May, so I’m hoping he’ll probably at least reveal a release date or something on one in 2023.

Kip previously put out a couple other bluegrass takes on song like Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” and his own fan-favorite “Plead The Fifth,” and seeing as he typically has a more rock-leaning production in his music, it’s fun to hear a different sound like this from him.

I have to say, he really pulls it off… maybe we’ll get to hear more of it soon?

I mean, it’s not impossible to think, because you never really know exactly where he’s gonna go in a musical direction with any given record.

And it actually appears that this particular video might’ve been footage from a rehearsal on the aforementioned tour, as you see them all discussing specifics of the performance at the end, saying they were going to try it out at the show that night.

If you’re dying for new tunes from Kip as badly as I am, this might tide you over for a little bit longer:

“Sweet Virginia”

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