Rob Gronkowski Swears Partying Made Him A Better Football Player: “That Translated To The Football Field”

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We all know former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end, Rob Gronkowski, as one of the most likeable personalities in all of sports.

Unfortunately, the guy hung up the cleats after the 2021 season for good, but luckily enough, he still makes some appearances here and there.

With that being said, the man himself made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, and he gave one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a good minute.

He kicked things off by picking the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl, with some hilarious reasoning:

“The Eagles kinda got like a free pass yesterday… I’m not saying they didn’t deserve it, they definitely dominated the #1 defense in the league… Philadelphia has played more like a team throughout the whole season, I’m going to go with the Eagles.

But the Chiefs, the last Super Bowl they won, I was retired., and now they’re back in the Super Bowl again, and I’m retired again. But when I wasn’t retired we beat them every time in the AFC Championship Game, or the Super Bowl.

So, I mean, that’s their formula. I’ve just got to retire.”

However, perhaps the best part of the interview, was when he discussed how his partying actually helped him on the football field:

“So, I’ve always said that. You know, it was kind of, like, my past, the partying. You know, everyone’s like, ‘Rob, you’re partying too much’ or whatever. I just had a good time growing up.

I’m from Buffalo, as you can see, the Bills Mafia, you watch the Bills Mafia they’re tailgating, they’re jumping off RVs into tables, breaking them. That’s how I grew up, I’m from Buffalo.

So, we love to have a good time, we love to do crazy things like that. And then I realized, like, I was telling everyone like, ’It makes me better if I party. Like, I’m a better player out on the field.'”

He mentioned that whenever he would go out with friends, it was a workout every single time:

“And then I realized it and then I went back and I was like, ‘How do I party?’

Well, I’m carrying my friends, you know, throughout the bar. I’m holding them up, I’m lifting them, I’m curling them, they’re on my back, I’m jumping up and down and I’m dancing the whole time… kind of like Austin Butler, I’m gyrating like that.

And then I realized that that translated to the football field.”

Gronk also discussed how even though he misses football at times, he’s happy where he’s at:

“I miss it sometimes, but not really. Then I miss it for like an hour and then I would go work out and then I’d be like, ‘Nah, I don’t miss it.’

I don’t have the energy to even work out.”

What a legend.

You can check out the full interview here:

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