Paddleboarder Interrupts A Shark Hunting A Turtle, Shark Turns Around & Knocks Him Off His Board

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This is what nightmares are made of…

As much as people like to get in the way of nature when they see something brutal, you should just let nature do what nature does. I mean, every time we see a video of a bear mauling a deer in someone’s backyard, you can hear someone behind the camera (usually it’s mom) screaming, “Do something, Bob!”

Ummm, what do you want me do do?

Coming between a predator and its prey, can lead to some harmful situations, like… you becoming the prey.

Sharks and hunting just go together. Sharks as a whole family are some of the most feared predators in the world. Frightening, but majestic. Powerful and mysterious… we even dedicate a whole week to them on TV because they’re so damn cool.

Shark attack movies have even become major Blockbusters.

Sharks and sea turtles have coexisted in the ocean for millions of years, but their relationship is not always peaceful. Sharks are known to prey on sea turtles, causing concern for the conservation of these animals as they are endangered. Sea turtles are a valuable source of food for many species of sharks, including tiger, bull, and hammerhead sharks.

The predation of sea turtles by sharks is a natural process and helps to maintain the balance of the marine ecosystem. The decline in sea turtle populations due to human activities, such as fishing and habitat destruction has increased their vulnerability to predation.

Naturally, some people get highly concerned for these turtles as they are having a rough go of it.

But, if a shark is on them, just let nature happen.

This man was out for a day on the water when he noticed a shark chasing down a sea turtle. As the pair race it out they end right next to the man. The man ends up interrupting the hunt and gives the turtle enough time to get away.

Not that he was trying to… just wrong place at the wrong time…

The shark perceives the man as a threat and ends up turning its attention to him. It charges and bites his board causing the man to flip into the water.

Given this video is posted, I would assume he made it out okay, but talk about the scare of a lifetime.

Diver Nearly Jumps Into The Mouth Of A Tiger Shark In Hawaii


Marine biologist, author and free diver, Ocean Ramsey (great name for a marine biologist), was geared up and ready to jump in the water off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

As she was about to make her way into the water, a massive tiger shark came rushing up to the surface, and Ocean, quickly backed away into the boat. And while that would be a pretty frightening encounter for the average person, Ocean knows this ol’ tiger shark pretty well.

Named “Queen Nikki,” Ramsey explained the situation, and how she’s known this particular shark for more than 20 years.

And rather than being afraid, she was excited to see her again.

It was all explained her viral video on Instagram:

“I LOVE Tiger shark Queen Nikki, and have dove with her for several decades and I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about sharks, or her, she’s incredible and also usually the most dominant individual of course, but generally she’s more like an old Grandma and she just keeps the young spunky ones in check which is actually better for us.

Large species are capable apex predators not monsters who need and deserve respect and protection. Sharks are currently being killed at an unsustainable rate of over 100,000,000 every year which is devastating for ecosystems humans also rely on.

Please help support conservation efforts for the sake of marine ecosystems and the future and also always dive with a professional.

I wanted to share my POV from days even with multiple Tiger sharks so people could maybe feel better seeing that its actually not that common that we need to redirect a shark, right away, but it’s best to always be respectfully ready.

Sometimes our mere presence is enough to scare them off like the shark in the first clip who looked like she had an injury to her dorsal ridge which could’ve likely happened from being wrapped up in something for an extended period of time as she grew, as we’ve seen with sharks who swam by with thick plastic packing bands on them.

Again thank you so much to those who continue to help speak up and educate.”

Check it out:

She elaborated more on Today.

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