Budweiser Is Back For The Super Bowl With New “Six Degrees Of Budweiser” Commercial

Budweiser super bowl

Budweiser is back for the Super Bowl.

Although they’re bringing back their iconic tagline, “This Bud’s For You,” for a younger generation who didn’t grow up with it, they’re kicking it off with their “Six Degrees of Budweiser” spot/

The ad is narrated by famed actor Kevin Bacon, as it’s Budweiser’s interpretation of the six degrees of separation, as they try to display the importance of human connection, determination, and the American Spirit as they attempt to reach a younger audience.

Kristina Punwani, Head of Marketing for Budweiser, said in a statement:

“Throughout Budweiser’s history, the brand has championed the American spirit – the values and ideals that connect all our consumers no matter where they live or what they do.

In bringing back our iconic tagline, ‘This Bud’s For You,’ we are also evolving the meaning behind the phrase – from something that used to signify the end of the work day to a mantra that embodies the modern consumer and all their side hustles, passion projects and career successes.

We are going to continue this focus on intentional and authentic connections with our audience around topics and passion points that matter most to them like sports and music in 2023 and beyond.”

In this year’s ad, it will display hip hop artist and producer Metro Boomin enjoying himself a six-pack of Bud, and passes it all the way down to a local food truck owner and a construction worker, showing that hard work and determination can stem from any walk of life, perfectly displaying the human connection.

Kevin Bacon also weighed in on the ad:

“The thing about Super Bowl ads is that you have :30s to get people to feel something – to laugh, to cry, to be inspired.

I loved bringing back the six degrees concept for this year’s Super Bowl because at its core, the concept has always been about connection.

I was especially drawn to the ending, when a Budweiser is handed to the camera and I say ‘This Bud’s For You.’ I think this ad is going to stick with people.”

And of course, we’re gonna have the iconic Clydesdales as well.

I have to admit… this is kind of lame.

I know we’re in a era right now where ad agencies and brands are trying to focus on all this feel-good human spirit kind of stuff, but you shelled out millions and millions of dollars for that?

This is the Super Bowl… make something memorable, make something moving, or at least funny… we can celebrate unity and togetherness over cold Buds without being so… vanilla, right?

Granted, this is probably just the intro to a larger series of Super Bowl ads (since they usually release a few different one), and we can always count on Bud Light to bring the laughs, but I don’t know, this isn’t doing it for me.

I guess we’ll see…

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