The Eagles Are Hosting The NFC Championship On Sunday, And Zach Bryan Officially Released “Dawns” (feat. Maggie Rogers)

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It’s HERE.

I’m certainly no Philadelphia Eagles fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I guess this isn’t the worst thing that could happen as a result of their absolute beatdown of the New York Giants last weekend.

Zach Bryan, who has become a pretty rabid Eagles fan this season, promised fans he’d drop the unreleased favorite “Dawns” if his team won in their recent NFC Divisional game.

And seeing as they’re hosting the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial field in the NFC Championship game this Sunday, Zach made good on his word and the song is officially out everywhere you listen to music.

“Dawns” was first teased on TikTok back in November, then again on Christmas Eve with a studio version featuring Maggie Rogers, and if you signed up for Zach’s Laylo updates, you were texted with the song on Christmas Day.

Needless to say, fans have been chomping at the bit to finally get the studio version.

A rare co-write for Zach with Maggie Rogers, it’s actually a pretty scathing breakup tune, where Zach begs his ex to give all of his stuff back, especially his “dawns,” as he tries to move on with his life:

“All is fair in love and war
So what the hell are we even fightin’ for?
I’m on your front porch beggin’ for my dawns back
Give my goddamn records and my clothes back

‘Cause I’m through
Oh, how I’m through”

Maggie is also featured on the song, who flips the scripts in a verse later on and tells her side of the story, singing that it just “dawned on me” what she’ll miss (and not miss) about being with him, with her fantastic and strong vocals:

“And by the time he wakes
I’ll be halfway to my best friend’s home
It just dawned on me
Life is as fleetin’ as the passin’ dawn
And I shoulda told him twice
I believe in somethin’ bigger than both of us
I miss goin’ out to bars, shootin’ stars
Not worryin’ ’bout what’s left of us”

This is one of Zach’s only duets or features (the other being his song “Jamie” which features his friend Charles Wesley Godwin), and I absolutely love it.

Having Maggie kind of go back and forth with him with a woman’s side of what happened and how she feels about it brings a bit of a softer element to the storytelling in what’s an otherwise pretty harsh breakup song from his perspective, and I know I’m gonna have it on repeat for a while.

While I cannot in good faith say “Go Birds,” I’m sure as shit glad to have this song on my playlist now.

Think we can convince him to drop a whole album if the Eagles win the Super Bowl?

A girl can dream…


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