Alberta Logger Comes Face To Face Canada Lynx

Canadian Lynx

That would brighten up the work day.

Being a logger in means spending loads of time in the woods. Many of these guys drive up into the mountains for weeks at a time, out in the middle of nowhere.

With that comes the opportunity to see some amazing things. It’s the reason many people go to work in the woods, so they can be in the outdoors all of the time.

When it comes to Canada lynx, seeing one is fairly rare. They are like all wild cats and try to avoid being seen by nearly everything. They are a threatened species in many areas, meaning their population has shrunk to a point of concern.

Lynx are a cool animal though. They are known for their distinctive ear tufts, short tail, and large, padded paws that act like snowshoes in the winter. They are also known for their agility and stealth, which allow them to hunt prey even in the most rugged parts of the wild.

They can best be compared to a bobcat, which is a close relative. The difference is lynx are slightly bigger and have more distinguished looks.

Some wildlife sightings don’t need to be anything spectacular to be amazing, this is one of them.

This man was in the woods of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada, using a skidder, a piece of logging equipment used to pull trees to the road.

The man stopped the machine on the road and noticed a lynx hopped up on his tire. He started to film and the encounter just got better.

The logger sums it all up in the video:

“I was stopped on the road with my skidder and looked back and to my great surprise, there was a Lynx standing by the tire on my machine.

I quickly climbed on the roof and started videoing. He then jumped up on the tire, looked at me, and then jumped again on the arch of my skidder. Only a few feet from me now, he sat and curiously watched me.

After a few minutes, he jumped back down on my tire and then with one great big leap, jumped off the tire back on the ground and slowly walked back into the forest never to be seen again”

Seems pretty friendly, eh?

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