Bills WR Stefon Diggs Shares Hilarious Reaction To Dana White’s Power Slap League: “They’re Smackin’ The SH*T Outta Each Other”

Slap league

Man, this one hurts just watching.

If you happened to be watching TV last night, then you might’ve come across Dana White’s Power Slap Fighting League on TBS (even though I feel like it should be on ESPN 8 “The Ocho”).

For those who aren’t too familiar, here’s a little run down:

There’s a girls portion and guys portion of the league, where two “fighters” (“Slappers”) square off against each other who are in the same weight class.

Basically, they just take turns slapping the ever livin’ hell out of each other until somebody either taps out, or knocks out, just like in UFC.

Dana White gave a quick and dirty explanation of the rules:

The “sport” is much more popular in Russia and Eastern Europe (we all this dude in Romania get his face rearranged earlier this week):

But now, thanks to Dana White, it’s taking root in the states, and Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs just had to tune in.

He livestreamed a couple of the fights, and boy, they’re pretty brutal.

In the first clip, you can see two women squaring off against each other, and I have no idea if this is the first round or not, but ol’ girl sends the girl in a mohawk to Mars with her slap.

Seriously, she can’t even stand up straight, and she basically does a summersault across the floor because she has probably suffered from serious dain bramage.

And for the second fight, it goes on a bit longer. You have a dude with a horrible looking mullet, going against a guy who looks like he eats tree bark, but still hangs out at the local craft beer joint on the weekends.

Tree bark craft beer guy gets the best of bad mullet in the first round. However, bad mullet comes back firing on all cylinders, and puts tree bark craft beer guy on his back, as he tries to figure out where the hell he’s at and why he’s there.

Needless to say, this stuff is wild.

Check it out:

Following the insane video from Romania, former WWE wrester and doctor, Chris Nowinski, blasted the league for its obvious dangers, both neurologically and cosmetically:

“I believe adults can choose to do dangerous jobs if they understand the risks and reasonable efforts are made to protect them.

But head hits with no defense is just sad. It reminds us that people who don’t take the risks often exploit those who do.”

He added after the premiere of the league:

“This is so sad. Note the fencing posture with the first brain injury. He may never be the same. Dana White and TBS should be ashamed. Pure exploitation.

What’s next, “Who can survive a stabbing”?”

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