Woman Sues Concert Venue After Getting So Drunk At A Show That She Blew Up $10 Million Worth Of Houses

explosion Daniella Leis

Yeah, if I destroyed $10 million worth of homes I would try to blame it on somebody else too.

These days you can sue pretty much anybody for pretty much anything. Remember the guy who sued his parents for throwing out his $29k porn collection – and won? Or back in 2021 when a Texas man sued a bar for getting him so drunk that he got into a fight and got his ass kicked?

In fact, lawsuits against bars by people who get too drunk aren’t entirely uncommon. But this one might be the most costly…

A Canadian woman is suing Ovations Ontario Food Services, the food and beverage service provider for Budweiser Gardens arena in London, Ontario, after she attended a Marilyn Manson concert and apparently got so fucked up that she crashed her car into a house, breaking a gas line that triggered an explosion and caused between $10-15 million US dollars in damage to four separate homes.

That’s one expensive DUI.

26-year old Daniella Leis pleaded guilty to four counts of impaired driving, and was sentenced to three years in prison back in 2021.

But now, she’s pointing the finger for the damage at the bartenders.

According to Leis’s complaint, the woman and her father are seeking a ruling from the court that Ovations Ontario is responsible for any awards against her, including any judgment in six lawsuits that have currently been filed by owners of the damaged homes.

In the lawsuit, Leis claims that any damages caused by her wreck were “caused or contributed to by the negligence, breach of duty, breach of contract” of the food service provider at the concert venue, and that Ovations staff were not properly trained, resulting in them serving her alcohol when they knew she was intoxicated.

Ovations Ontario has yet to respond to or comment on the lawsuit.

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