Man Uses Airplane To Spot And Find Piles & Piles Of Moose Sheds

Moose antler

A hunter and moose lover’s dream.

Outdoorsmen and hunters tend to obsess over the animals that they chase after. Many times, it leads to year-round pursuit of their habits and movements to get a better understanding of them.

Moose are a spectacular animal, the largest member of the deer family. The can grow to be over 1,500-pounds standing over 6.5 feet at the shoulder.

Their antlers are impressive too. They can weigh up to 40 pounds and span up to 6 feet across. These antlers are a symbol of the moose’s strength and masculinity, and are used in breeding rituals and battles with other males during that time.

Moose shed these antlers during the cold winter months. The massive pieces of bone are not needed when breeding is done and energy expenditure increases.

Many people put miles and miles on trying to track these moose sheds down. They are cool to have around and you can even make things out of them.

But, what if there was an easy way to find these things and in the masses.

Well, this guy figured it out.

He uses a plane to go scout out good areas and puts GPS points down on their locations, if he can’t land nearby, he can come back to the locations and collect moose antlers in the mass.

They load their plane up and fly them all back home and he’s left with a big ol’ pile at the end of the hunt.

This is the most productive shed hunter I ever did see.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock